Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cleaning the Fridge

I don't really like cleaning, but as I meal plan it's helpful to know what I have on hand as I make up my shopping list. Why buy sour cream etc.. if I already have it at home? It also helps use vegetables before they go yucky - I have 3 zucchini's leftover and some diced bacon, this will make a nice zucchini slice for lunch on Saturday all for "free".

So here is before:

And here is after:
There were a few bottles of dressing that had expired, a small bowl with spaghetti that had dried out, and half a lemon that had withered. I am pretty pleased with the fridge mainly needing a good wipe over and tidy.
This Thursday is my big shop so it won't be empty for long. I will post my meal plan tomorrow when it's finished, although I am thinking of joining in Menu Plan Monday - maybe I'll do a pantry challenge and see if I can stretch what's already in the house til then. Mmmm - I'll ponder on that...

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