Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Time Off For Good Behaviour

I have had a few days away from the computer - my husband bought me Breaking Dawn (book 4 in the Twilight series) for Christmas and this year has been so full that I haven't yet been able to read it. On Sunday night with hubby and the older boys out, Missy Noodle requested that we watch Twilight on DVD.

Afterwards I was just in the mood for more - so I thought I would read Breaking Dawn - but with a 7 month break between this book and the last, I could barely remember the third book at all! So I read half of Twilight on Sunday night - and then finished it, New Moon and Eclipse on Monday. Then Tuesday I had a meeting and as soon as they were out the door - I read Breaking Dawn!

My eyes are a little exhausted and the laundry could definately use some attention - but I enjoyed every minute of it!!

Can I make this frugal though? Yes - an unused/unread book is a waste of money - but once it is read and enjoyed it's value is much more appreciated.

Oh well - I tried!

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