Friday, August 21, 2009

Financial Friday

Every Friday morning I sit at my computer and do our bills, bpaying & saving for the week. The pays come in over night and I like to get our money organised straight away.
I have a green folder that holds our budget on the first page, and has seperate sections for keeping track of a variety of budget categories within a few bank accounts. I keep a paper record of all our transactions. I tried Excel in the past, but for me paper works best.
I have just finished doing our finances for this week and we are closer to a few of our goal amounts. Our emergency fund has $339.11 - I am pretty happy with it's growth since we only started it a few weeks ago.
We have a bit of our tax refund left and my husband and I will be discussing tomorrow a few of the purchases we would like to make with it - mainly camping equipment to finish off our preparations for our family camping trip to Fraser Island in 6 weeks.
Only 6 weeks to go!! I thought it was a little further off then that! I really need to get organised with our meal plan for the trip. I am so looking forward to relaxing and vegging out. And there aren't that many places to shop either - probably a good thing. ;-)

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  1. I love that you have a certain day set aside in your week that you pay bills. I used to make fun of my grandmother for her routines of washday on Monday, ironing on Tuesday, errands on, I realize her genius!!