Thursday, August 20, 2009

Opshop Donations

I forgot to charge up my camera battery so I don't have a picture of all I decluttered from the house and donated yesterday to a local opshop. But - one of the volunteers brought a shopping trolley to my car when she realised how many bags I had. I filled one just like the picture! The lady had to hold her arms over the top to hold it from falling out.
I am happy to give so much away and move it on from here. A lot of it was clothes that my children have out grown, some hand-me-downs that didn't fit and wasn't needed by others that I know and a gift basket that I had no use for.
I was happy that none it was things I had bought and then not used. It used to happen with me in the past - buying something cheap is not a bargain if it's not needed. I am getting better - not perfect! I did go into the shop after I had emptied the car - and didn't find anything we needed or anything I wanted either.

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